Burn Injuries

Every year, 1.1 million burn injuries require medical attention in the United States. Burns, defined as tissue damage caused by a variety of agents, such as heat or chemicals, are classified by degrees of severity. The most common causes of burns are automobile accidents, gasoline spills, gas or other liquid fuel explosions, hot water or steam, electrical or industrial accidents, building fires, and defective candles, lighters, or matches.

Patients with severe burns often need comprehensive, expert care to deal with the long-term physical and psychological effects of their injuries. Our attorneys will carefully explain your rights and options and help you or your loved one with all immediate as well as long-term needs. To meet your most pressing concerns, we will help you prevent financial loss by recovering any lost wages, and negotiate with the proper insurance companies and any other parties in your case to make sure that your medical bills are paid. We will also work to make sure that the potentially high costs of rehabilitation as well as other future medical expenses will not be a financial burden on your or your family.

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