Power Point for Trial Lawyers

As trial lawyers, we educate jurors about the facts of the case to guide them to a just result. In fact, we are teachers, but we are not well trained to teach. Good teachers know skills we are seldom taught. Trial lawyers should learn the skills, techniques and characteristics of a convincing teacher. Social Scientist's research demonstrates visual aids communicate more information in less time to more people than oral discussion alone. Most students learn more and retain more with visual aids that reinforce auditory communication. While a good story teller captures our imagination around a campfire, in the light and rigor of a courtroom, the oral tradition (whether monologue or dialogue) loses some of its luster for kindling the imagination.

Visual aids improve understanding. Only 25% of society are auditory learners; most, over 60%, are visual learners. Visual illustrations also evoke the juror's imagination and assist in the visualization and thus belief in the Plaintiff's story.

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