Wrongful Death

Attorney Richard Jones represents Georgia families in wrongful death lawsuits.  Wrongful death refers to deaths that were wrongfully caused by another.  Such deaths may be accidental or intentional:

  • Medical.  A physician fails to diagnose the presence of cancer cells in a patient while it was still treatable.  Later, cancer spreads through the body and kills the patient.
  • Criminal.  One person unlawfully shots and kills another.
  • Car Accident.  A truck driver runs a red lights and collides with a car entering the intersection.  The impact kills a passenger in the car.
  • Workplace Accident.  A crane at a construction site collapses.  It crushes and kills several construction workers.

Our firm files wrongful death lawsuits or claims on behalf of family members of the deceased. In successful wrongful death suits, family members may recover funeral costs, as well as the decedent's earning power as calculated over a normal life span. Family members may also recover for the loss of companionship, socialization, advice, and counsel.

If you live in Georgia and a loved one has suffered a wrongful death, you may be eligible to receive compensation under the law. Call us at 770-671-1730 or contact us online for a FREE consultation.